January 28, 1987

I am here, daughter; I am Wisdom; be ready to deliver My message to all mankind; I, Jesus Christ, will augment My graces;

(I hesitated here.)

Vassula, you are not different in My Eyes;

But Jesus, I am different from others, who received messages from You. Most of them were religious already. They were nuns who were devout, but I, I am like the rest of the world. I do not fit in this picture!

you are thinking in human ways, child; feel loved by Me;

(Then Jesus, hurrying up, said what follows. It was as though He wanted to tell me these things before I opened my mouth to add more stupidities.)

daughter, come, let us be together; feel loved by Me; come and pray with Me;

(We prayed together.)

glory be to God; free yourself and come closer to Me; lean on Me; delight Me and lean on Me; I want you, Vassula, to understand that I love you; you seem to avoid approaching Me because you feel unfit for Me; you even went as far as to deny Me1 … and instead you asked My servant Daniel to be near you; 2

O daughter, I love you; have I not laid down My life for you? 3

It is just that I do not feel worthy of You and Your Love!

how could you think this way? 4 I laid down My life for everyone, worthy and unworthy; leave those thoughts and come to Me; I am calling you so approach Me; allow yourself to rest in Me and never deny Me; I love you as you are, wretched, helpless and guilty;

I have already told you that I will form you; you must leave yourself free in My hands and I will mould you into what I would like you to be; come, beloved, I am with you and I am your Holy Companion guiding you; I, Jesus Christ, will reveal you soon; you are to be among mankind;

Jesus, You know that I do not understand all that’s happening, but my soul rejoices to be with You in this way and my eyes are fixed on You. Now I know that You are a living Saviour. Here You are, in my room, whispering a message in my ear, chosen out of thousands to be sent out to the nations with Your love hymn. What more can I ask for? Although many will be confounded by your choice, Your yearnings will win their hearts. You, who set out from Your Throne, leaving Your royal crown aside, You came down again this very minute to lift my soul from this exile. O yes, I want to follow You!

I am glad to take you with Me; follow Me and remember, all that you will be doing will be done with Me; I will be your guide, your lamp and your shelter till the end; then I, Myself, shall come and deliver you; call Me when you wish, call Me and I shall descend from heaven;

do not forget My Presence; abandon yourself entirely to Me and I will consume you with My love; your wretchedness appeals to Me; come and glorify Me with the love you have for Me; accept My teachings for they are meant to feed many; salvation comes from Me;

let Me tell you: the poor will receive as much as they want to eat; I am known never to forget the poor; so come and let Me thrust you in the depths of My Heart; My Love is fathomless; remain in My Heart and you will be healed, daughter;

1 Jesus was really hurt.
2 I felt so unworthy of Jesus that I called my angel Daniel to be with me instead.
3 This came out from Him like a long lament.
4 Jesus appeared bewildered.