December 2, 1986

peace be with you; I, Yahweh, am beside you; I am always near you; I watch and groan on the aridity in men; 1

come and lean on Me; the time has not yet come, in the meantime be watchful and stay awake;

How was this gift given to me. Did you, my Lord, decide suddenly?

let me reply to your question: I have given you the gift to reach Me in this way any time and anywhere; it is I who called you; I, God, knew you long before you were born or formed in your mother’s womb; I knew you and you are Mine, beloved; I chose you to become My bearer; you are to bear My Messages; I chose you because I willed it;

I watched you while you were growing, but you, you seemed to be unaware of My presence; you seemed to have forgotten Me; while I saw you wandering away, I called you, for the time had come; I was pleased that although you seemed to have forgotten Me, you heard My Voice; I wanted you to love Me; I wanted you to understand how much I love you; learn that I, God, always reach My goals;

when I appeared the first time to you, I held you so that you lifted your head and looked at the One who was in front of you; when you lifted your head, I looked into your eyes and saw how unloved you felt; 2 I, God, was full of pity for you, to see you so wretched; daughter, I lifted you to Me and healed your guilt; I wanted you to recognise Me for I am your Redeemer who loves you; I healed and blessed you; I unfolded My cloak, asking you if you were willing to share it with Me; I asked you if you wished to follow Me and you replied saying that you needed Me and that you wanted to be with Me;

I, Yahweh, rejoiced to hear you say that you wished to follow Me; I then taught you how to love Me; I taught you how to be with Me and how to reach Me; I showered you with My blessings and I let you live in My Light; I then poured out on you all My works so that you could glorify Me; I, God, have asked you if you were willing to work for Me and you filled Me with happiness to know that you were willing;

history is being repeated, you say;

Yes, my Lord. All those that received Your calls were rejected, ridiculed and declared mad. In our modern society, I’ll receive so many scorns! Some would go so far as to say I’m possessed.

let them approach you, those that want to laugh at you; little will they know how grave their accusations will be, for they will be laughing a My given words; I will deal with these later on;

have faith in Me; I will call you again to whisper in your ear preachings; I will fill up your mouth with My words; I, Yahweh, am your Strength; I will give you enough strength to enable you to overlook your oppressors who will be many, My child;3 but I will cover you with My shield; no one will be able to harm you;

let those who have ears hear Me, let those who have eyes see Me and recognise Me; let those who have not closed their heart understand that I, Yahweh, am offering My saving help to all nations; remain near Me, daughter; I, God, love you;

1 Here I just wondered when God would show His Message.
2 I never believed God could love someone like me who never prayed or practised her religion. I always thought He loved those who loved Him only.
3 In saying these words, God’s voice suddenly turned VERY sad. He sounded like a father who had to send his son to war.