December 18, 1986

peace be with you, daughter; be fruitful;

Ah Lord, please teach me to be!

I will help you; near Me you will learn to be; every step you take I, God, bless; go gather My children and let them share1 your happiness; let my children rejoice, let them be as happy as you are; be fruitful;

December 27, 1986

peace be with you; I, Jesus Christ, am here; remain in Me and give Me your hand; I, with your hand in Mine will guide you; you will walk with Me; your step will keep pace with My step; you will learn to be with Me as you have learnt to love Me and recognise Me;

you will learn to help many, so cling on Me and be watchful; I will make you understand in good time; 2 pray with Me and be blessed; I, God, love you; blessed are those that have not seen Me and yet believe in Me; they shall inherit all that I Own;

December 28, 1986

peace be with you; I want you to bear in mind that you will walk with Me; I want you to bear in mind that I, God, love you; remember always these words; be blessed and rejoice, daughter, have you not understood?3

(I had not reacted.)

All this still seems beyond my human comprehension?

why? I want you to realise that I have blessed you and you are abiding in my divine Light, being in Me; love Me with all your strength for I, Yahweh, have set My eyes on you; meet Me when you wish;

1 By reading His Messages.
2 I was wondering when all this would come to pass.
3 God cried out loudly these words with a tone of amusement.