May 28, 2007

»I am Bishop Felix Toppo of Jamshedpur diocese. My diocese is very close to Kolkata. In 2004, I was introduced with the True Life in God and when I first started reading, I immediately knew, a Spirit touched me deeply, that something… there is something divine in this reading. And so continuously I read. Continuously I read, read, read and finished all the volumes and I was very deeply moved, very deeply touched, and started meditating, reflected, and then I also started reading the second time. Vassula Ryden one day asked me whether I would give the Nihil Obstat for her books because she was planning to compile all the messages together and make one book. Now, I was hesitating because of the implications of it and also because of the Church authorities and one day as I was praying in the chapel, you know, something struck me. I said «Why not to give? After all, I believe that this is a revelation from God, I believe that this is a dialogue between God and human being through Vassula. And you know, it has done a lot of good to me and is doing good to others. Why not, you know, why not to give?» And when I decided that, I was very happy and joyful and immediately I wrote to Vassula a letter saying that this is a dialogue between God and human being through Vassula and also it is helpful for any Christian who reads it and there is nothing objectionable according to the Teaching of the Church. That letter I wrote, then I also wrote a letter of Nihil Obstat. I never regret it, I’m happy that I gave it and I’m hoping that many more people would read this and profit by it. »