Report Witnessing Event Abidjan, Ivory Coast – March 29, 2023

Eng. Georges Chabab moved to Abidjan a year ago. During that time, a new Maronite priest moved to the Maronite Lebanese Mission of the Sacred Heart in the city. The priest, Fr. Charbel Daniel Abou Haidar had read the messages of True Life in God in France, introduced to him through Yolla Abou Jaoude. Through God’s grace, he started a series of spiritual encounters every Wednesday night at the Lebanese Mission. Recently, he asked Georges whether he, Georges, could prepare a spiritual theme and be the speaker on the Wednesday before Palm Sunday. An invitation to this event was sent by the Parish to all the members via WhatsApp (see pictures).

Since the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem resembles the entrance of God inside the soul, Georges decided to prepare his talk through the theme from True Life in God on “Transformation and Repentance”. The meeting started with the Lord’s prayer in French, and then Georges began his presentation saying that what he will speak about is based on Messages given by Jesus to Vassula, asking the audience to hold their questions until the end of his talk. Georges wanted to incite their curiosity about the TLIG Messages. The twenty-two new people who were present were very attentive, especially because the presentation was not long. Georges had to speak both in Arabic and in French because the community in Abidjan is centuries old and some are born and raised in Ivory Coast.

Georges divided his speech into three sections: Reconciliation with God, God the Father’s love, Repentance. He touched on the Tenderness of God, on emptying ourselves to allow the Holy Spirit to fill us, on the simplicity of God and His permanent presence. He reminded the assembly that we descend from God and are His seed. He used the image of a desert and a beautiful garden to illustrate the transformation that God expects from us. At the end of the talk, people wanted to know about Vassula. Fr. Charbel gave a very positive testimony saying that these messages are from a “very beautiful living experience” meaning Vassula. So, Georges introduced Vassula’s story, her mission and the call of the TLIG Messages. Since the theme was about repentance, most of the questions the participants posed were about confession and sins. Finally, the priest ended the encounter with the Hail Mary prayer.

Although we don’t have any True Life in God books here in Ivory Coast, we didn’t stop God’s desire for us to host this event. We informed the participants that they could find everything about the True Life in God Messages on the website and we leave it in God’s hands to guide those who attended towards His Messages.


Prepared by Georges and Chadi

Abidjan – 30 March 2023