My name is Iuliana, I am 29 years old and I’m from Romania. I would like to share with you my testimony, the way God changed my life through The Messages.

I was raised in an orthodox family. My parents raised me to be a good Christian. My dad had many problems in his life and his only hope and comfort was The Lord. He sought after God for 30+ years, reading a lot and visiting different churches, to discern which one is the ‘good’ one.

I remember praying since I was a little girl, but throughout the years, my prayers became lip-service and I thought I had a very good relationship with God, when in fact I was a hypocrite. I was saying that I was a Christian, yet I was sinning a lot. I was selfish, cold, perverted, numb to other’s sufferings. Only now I realize how God must have been near me when I was ignoring Him. I wish I would’ve come near Him sooner.

During my school years, most of my time was spent studying, and I lost my relationship with my parents. I was mad at dad and I did not talk to him for 10 years, besides ‘hello’ and him trying to impose on me his faith.

In 2011 something weird happened. I started to have anxiety, depression and a whole list of other symptoms. The scariest part was that the doctors didn’t know what I had,because my symptoms were so strange. I tried to go to the psychotherapist, but problems were still persisting, because I didn’t have God in my heart.

Now about The Messages. Somewhere between 2014-2015, dad, being fed up with the Orthodox Church, wanted to go to the Protestants. Before he made his decision though, he asked God: “Please, Lord, send me a prophet of Yours that talks to You nowadays”. God immediately made him discover dear Vassula on the internet. So God stopped dad in time before he lost his way and made him understand unity.
He tried to convince me and mom that the Messages were true but I simply thought he was crazy and that he should not read something like that, lest he gets tricked by ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

One day, I was tired of this ‘Messages talk’. I said ‘let me go on the internet and find proof that Vassula is a liar and to prove once and for all to dad that he’s wrong and is being mislead’. To my surprise, all the articles against Vassula seemed ridiculous and I didn’t believe them. So, driven by curiosity (and of course, God), I started to try to read the Messages and at first I felt joy. My impurity was at work though, because I found the way Jesus spoke to Vassula and their relationship to be so inappropriate, that I put the Messages away for a while. I read them on and off.

I reached a dark point in 2017 when I thought about suicide. But God never gave up on me. Immediately He put His Words in my mind: if I commit suicide, I’ll betray the Lord, because the most amazing gift that He gave us is life. My dark thoughts stopped at that moment. After a month or so, part of my gastritis was healed by the Lord and I was off medication, after 7 years.

Still, my psychological disorder progressed and my anger towards the Lord persisted because I thought He punished me.

In 2018, God converted me to a true life in Him. For a couple of weeks, He made me feel His presence and He made me think about all the sins I‘ve done, when I thought I didn’t have many. I became very close to Jesus. I went to confession after a long time. I started going to church, and dad brought me to the Catholic Church too, because God showed us in the Messages that we have to be one flock. I started feeling compassionate about others, I started acknowledging and praying to Our Lady, I felt like my personality changed. Last but not least, God repaired my broken relationship with my dad in a matter of minutes. Our family was one again. I felt that somehow, the Messages are alive. It’s like every time you read them ,something in your soul or life changes. Probably that’s why they say that The Word of God is alive.
Fast forward to present day, since 2018 the Lord performed other miracles: after my first general Confession and receiving Holy Communion, my depression disappeared and after a while, anxieties started to vanish one by one. Plus, one of the most precious things He taught me (besides loving Him,of course) is how to suffer and the incredible importance of suffering. I was ALWAYS mad at Him for having ‘taken’ my life away from me when in fact, He gave me my life back, a true life in Him. To this day, although my psychological disorders diminished, my bodily illness is still there and He gives me incredible strength, support and love to be able to carry the Cross further. I still have a ton of things to learn, I rebel against my Cross sometimes, but He is always there for me, teaching me- we, us?

For anyone reading this who is suffering from psychological disorders or any suffering, know this- turn to God, go to a general, truthful Confession (my Confessions of before didn’t help me much because I was superficial) and then every month, like the Lord advises, receive Him as often as possible and turn all your life to Him. He will become your best Friend and your everything. Know that your suffering, when offered to the Lord, becomes priceless. And for anyone who doubts these Messages, pray to the Lord from the bottom of your heart for discernment and He will show you the truth.

All Glory be to God and His Blessed Mother and may Vassula and all who work with her be blessed!