March 2nd, 2022

Dear friends,

Tomorrow I will be sending out for distribution the latest messages. Also I would like to remind you of the message below of October 10, 1990 from the Virgin Mary, we need fervent prayers for the conversion of the world and that the world turns to God trusting God alone. There are many messages that have forewarned us of what is happening today.  The second world war came after the warning of our Lady in Fatima, that if the world does not repent from its godlessness and return to God, a worse war than the previous one will take place. The world must change and have good morals in life, practice the virtues and add God in the center of their lives, without God the world will fall and it will be by their own fault. Here is this message that today I’ve ‘stumbled’ on. 

your generation failed to appreciate God’s great Love; this is why your lands are set aflame by egoism, by godlessness and by the fury of Satan; and still to this day his hand is raised to strike you and set aflame all the nations; because of your atheism and your perversity you have wrapped yourselves in the shroud of death; you have wrapped your beloved ones in a cloud of flint; I call in agony from above, to you all to make peace with God, to reconcile with your families;

when you come and pray in pilgrimages do you come with a clean heart? have you ceased to do evil? are you in peace with your neighbour? have you confessed and repented truly of your sins? have you blessed your enemies and forgiven them? have you repaid evil with love? are you indeed ready to meet the Lord with your hands full of good works?

– bless those who persecute you, and pray for them, do not judge them; keep on praying, for what use are your offerings when your heart is unforgiving, holding grudges? where is your holiness then? purify yourselves and live in the Light of God and in the Love of God; be a true witness of the Gospel by the warmth and glow of light in your heart; be a witness for Jesus by bearing His Cross with Him; be a witness for the Church by being constant in your faith and by being united with Christ’s Vicar; never allow your tongues to slip; be perfect as the Lord is perfect; let it show that you are indeed the first-fruits of God’s great Love; let every eye witness your good behaviour and know that it is because you are children of the Most High; let the marks of His Five Wounds be noticed on your body too, let these be the Sign to show you are His pupils and He, your Divine Master; live Our Messages and be like grains to spread them; let your cry of love go out through all the earth and to the ends of the world;

I bless each one of you, and I thank you for giving Me your time; go in peace.


Please also see the messages below.

In Christ,

TLIG, February 13, 2016

… their leaders have grown cruel, and death awaits many nations through their hand;…

…therefore, you who have entered My Courts and believed in My sayings, pray and do not dread or fear…

TLIG, November 28, 2015

… I have asked that this generation repents; conceiving continuously evil will only bring a downfall of many nations, bringing them to war and into the Abyss; many will be burned down and many cities as well as nations will meet misfortunes, disaster after disaster, misfortune after misfortune, ah!…

TLIG, November 30, 2015

…let this year pass by and you shall see what moaning and bemoaning this generation will have harvested and what panic there would be! your generation carries out plans that are not Mine and so they add sin upon sin, lethal sins; …

TLIG, July 29, 2014

…I am known, Vassiliki, to have thrown down rulers and thrones, proud men, godless and pervert nations, that pour forth filth; today I hear from the godless nations: ‘I am god, and am self-sufficient;’ and they glare at the faithful, gloating! what will you achieve without Me when you fill the universe with death? I will hurl you down, where all the corpses lie, chased by your own sins; I tell you, the man who hates My divine Law, My precepts and My Commandments, yet hypocritically shows observance, will regret the day he was born;

TLIG, September 9, 2014

…today, impious generation, I have bent the Heavens and came down to reach you, and talk to you, to revive your faith; the humble heard Me and rejoiced and My ineffable Love rested in them; but the wicked man’s oracle is sin in the depths of his heart; peace is not what they want,they fill the mouths of nations with falsehood; before My very Eyes, they blaspheme and with deceit they lead their people; so was I to remain silent?…