blessed be Your Name.
Since Your Beloved Son Jesus Christ,
came to the world not to condemn it,
but to save the world,
have Mercy upon us.
Look at Your Son’s Holy Wounds,
that are wide open now
and remember the price He has paid for us,
to redeem all of us.
Remember His Sacred Wounds,
and the two Hearts You Yourself united in Love
and who suffered together;
this One of the Immaculate Conception
and Your Beloved Son.

O Father,
remember His Promise now
and send us the Advocate, in full force,
the Holy Spirit of Truth,
to remind
the world of the Truth
and of Your Son’s docility,
humbleness, obedience and great Love.

the time has come,
when the reign of division cries out for Peace and Unity.
The time has come that Your Son’s wounded Body
cries out for Righteousness,
that of which the world has not known yet;
but through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
and the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
give us, Precious Father
this Peace in our hearts
and fulfil the Scriptures
by fulfilling Your Beloved Son’s Prayer to You:
that we may all be one,
one in the Divine Holy Trinity,
so that we worship and praise You all,
around one single Tabernacle.


March 25, 1991