July 31, 1986

(Fears and doubts again.)
peace be with you; glory be to God; do you feel peaceful?


so how could this be from Satan if you feel peaceful? you have learned to love God more than you ever did; then, you want others as well to love God, glorifying God; this is against Satan! would Satan work and try to destroy himself? I will guide you and bond you more to God; every time you doubt think what you have earned from these texts;


How do you feel, Daniel?

I love


with all my strength, with all my might; I work for


and always will; Daniel, God’s servant;

August 5, 1986

peace be with you;

Why was I given this gift?

God wished it; Jesus has helped you find the Light;

If they say, « Why did he give the Light to you and not to us? »

Jesus gives the Light to all of you;

They might say, « Who do you think you are? You are not even a nun. »

you are God’s servant; God has given you this gift to bring you to Him and lead others too to Him; He loves you and wants you all near Him; He means to bring you all back to Him; Glory be to God; Daniel;