August 6, 1986

peace be with you; praise the Most High God, Yahweh;

I am afraid to show the messages. I love God deeply, but I am afraid to show the messages. Day and night I am thinking only of this.

God will give you His Peace and His Strength when the time comes to show the messages; God will want you to give those messages to everyone; pray; feel loved; God will help you; Dan;

August 7, 1986

peace be with you; you are to deliver Dominus’ message;

Maybe all this is not true. Maybe it is a joke!

what makes you think it is a joke?

Because this is unusual, is it not?


You admit then that this is not very common either.

it is not very common… did you believe before this in God?

I did. But I did not love Him. I had no feelings for Him.

God feels everything;
… Can we talk?


Why has all this started?

God wished that you love Him;

This is not common, I mean this sort of communication. You agree, don’t you?

yes; 1 ?

Why do you draw a heart?

(I said it aggressively because I was somewhat afraid of this phenomenon.)

you delight me;

You know that you scare me sometimes?

yes; you need not fear; you will be working for Jesus Christ; you will be helping others to grow spiritually;

I, God, bind you to Me; 2

(I feared.)

Give me your name!


But I can’t understand, we have already the Bible, so why do we need messages?

(My angel replied.)

so you do feel that all has been given in the Bible?

Yes. That is why I do not see the reason of all this. I mean nothing is new.

God wants these messages to be given;
Is there a special reason why me?

no; God loves you all; these messages are just a reminder, to remind you how your foundations began; deliver my message;

Daniel, who are you?

God’s servant; Daniel;

1 I felt that my angel was amused but at the same time full of love, just as parents are with their babies when they do funny things.
2 God intervened.