In October, 1994 during Vassula’s conference in New York at `Pray, pray, pray activity’ while I was looking at Vassula on the screen, her face suddenly seemed to fade out slowly and the face of a man was appearing. I recognized the features of Jesus Christ with beard, moustache and His hair darker than Vassula’s. While Vassula was speaking Jesus was moving his lips too as though he was speaking as well. At first I did not believe what I was seeing, so I picked up my glasses to see whether I was mistaken. When I wore them I still saw Jesus and this time I recognised the face of the Shroud. The one that is on the covers of True Life in God. I noticed His fine long nose while he was still moving His lips. After a few seconds, He faded away so that I could see Vassula’s feminine face again on the screen. Then again He appeared and so forth, back and forth several times and finally Vassula’s face reappeared till the end. I was so happy ad I bless God for this grace. 
(G. B., Monaco, October, 1994)