I was born in California, I was raised in Salt Lake City Utah. Born into a family of active Mormons who’s ancestors had been in the faith for 5 generations. I, myself was an active Mormon, raising my children in that faith. I came across the messages of True Life in God 6 years ago, through a mention in a book about Vassula Ryden. At that time in my life I had been searching for a deeper connection to God, and a greater understanding of Him. The way that God had been presented to me as a child and as a young person, is that He was very conditional.  And the love He had for me was more of an impersonal love, He loved me from a distance, more of a lofty sense. And that caused me a lot of grief because I felt that I needed a deeper connection to the Lord. When I came into the True Life in God writings, the first time I read them, it was like a recognition process. I recognized instinctively in the deepest place in my heart, that was the Lord speaking directly to me through those pages. What the messages of True Life in God has shown me, is the tender, intimate, all-encompassing love of God our Father, His Son Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit has for each and every one of us! It is a love that is intimate, passionate, intense, and extremely personal. The knowledge of that has made a HUGE difference in my life. After many years of studying investigation and researching, I chose to be baptized into the Catholic Faith, and now come to Mass joyfully every Sunday to celebrate my connection to My Savior!

What does Christian unity mean to you?

Christian unity is especially meaningful to me because I live in a family where there is more than one religion. My husband is active in the Latter-Day Saint faith, and I now, though I used to be in that faith, am now a Catholic. So, Christian unity is everything to me, because it is what keeps my family united and loving towards each other despite some very significant theological differences. Unity for me is understanding that God sees all of us in a very different light than we see each other. When He (God) considers His Church on Earth, He is not referring to one denomination, He is referring to ALL of His children, who recognize and who love Him either through explicit knowledge of Him, or through the loving nature that they manifest in their lives.