We would like to thank everyone who attended the TLIG International Prayer Meeting on Sunday December 3, 2023 to pray the four Rosary Mysteries for: Unification of the Dates of Easter & Thanksgiving for the 38th Anniversary of True Life in God; Peace in Israel/Gaza/Lebanon, Ukraine/Russia and in the world, including the repose of the souls of all those who have died in these wars, have been injured, maimed and displaced; Thanksgiving for the return of the hostages. In particular, we want to thank those who attend our daily prayer meeting for their invaluable support, participation and love.

One priest from Canada joined the prayer meeting. Tim Maher opened the prayer meeting with a beautiful welcome and intention for the meeting. There were 1,275 views live streamed and 258 joined the TLIG link, plus 32 active prayer participants; approximately 1,565 total attendance. Prayers were offered in 12 languages: Aramaic, Arabic, Armenian, English, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. 

The Bible and TLIG random readings were: Luke 15:11-24 and January 29, 1990. The Bible reading was “The Parable of the Lost (Prodigal) Son” read by Fr. Tibi, and the TLIG reading was a beautiful prayer dictated by our Lord to Vassula and all of us read by Katherine Cantwell. Fr. Tibi commented that in both passages we encounter the heart of the Father and learn how great, forgiving and loving He is. Fr. Tibi expressed that, in a sense, this is Vassula’s life story, but also ours, that we all failed to sow, unworthy to be called Christians or children of God. The Father always has mercy and does not treat us as we deserve. All He needs from us is to have strong faith, repent as the prodigal son, and to be humble in our repentance. Then we will be overwhelmed by our Father, by all the gifts of the Father, as Vassula was overwhelmed by the Grace of God. So let us praise the Lord, bless all the days of our lives, put faith in Him—we are all His children.

This passage and contemplation was a great reminder of how we should approach confession, our Father in Heaven.

Fr. Tibi closed the meeting by thanking our heavenly Father, asking Him to be patient with us and help us be more zealous in spreading His word. Praise God!