April 2, 2019

Dear friends of TLIG,

In these days we are very busy preparing the big Pilgrimage once more in Greece, and we are more than happy in giving this Service to our Lord. In doing so, the Message of Love, Peace, Reconciliation and Unity conducts God’s Affairs with honour to reach countries far and wide in the world. We, who work to set up this Pilgrimage take delight to work for unity assembling so many nations and of all creeds, transmitting our love to one another, and I’m glad that already so many of you have registered to come.

Our Lord never meant us to suffer this division that still preoccupies Him due to our pride and sinfulness, but to win back what we lost and has separated us. Can we win what we lost? Can we win peace and unity bringing it back in our lives? can we truly unite and reconcile with one another? Yes! Yes we can unite, so long as we learn to love, by reminding ourselves of our Divine origin and moral values. This is why our Theme of the Pilgrimage will be: « Divine Love for one another binds us in Unity together in God. »

We must remind ourselves to become the Image of the living God, or of our saints, who have no trace of impurity, no trace of prejudice, no trace of vengeance, no trace of hatred. Thus our struggle is to teach Divine love in the assemblies of our Pilgrimages. Let once more God direct our hearts in the path of unity by coming together to pray for reconciliation, asking God to forgive our lethargy, apathy and indifference to His Urgent Call of Unity. We know the effect and the power of prayers when we are many and said by our hearts, as Jesus said once in His Message – May 31, 2003

« My Vassula, man’s compassion is limited and does not extend as Mine; but My compassion extends to everything that lives; I rebuke, correct and I teach, bringing them back gently into the fold;

– as for what relieves the heat in arguments, is it a gentle word? yes, a word uttered with love can alter a whole situation; it can stop a war; it can melt ice and calm down a storm; it can extinguish a fire; Scriptures say: ‘you have to be gentle when you correct people who dispute what you say; never forget that God may give them a change of mind so that they recognize the truth and come to their senses, once out of the trap where the devil caught them and kept them enslaved…’ (2 Tm. 2: 25-26) therefore, a good word is worth more than a piece of gold… »

We hope to see you with us, to join in our prayers and ask Jesus to hurry up and Return; Maranatha…

In Christ’s Love,