God, You who are full of Compassion,
let Your Face smile on us to unite us,
look down from heaven,
look at our division that reigns now in Your Church,
Your lambs, My Shepherd,
are perishing in great numbers
as they search to pasture to keep life in them;

listen to the groans of the Church;
this great Apostasy predicted
is robbing You of Your children,
bring to Your Church
this Day of Glory You once foretold
so that we may all be one,

Lord, do not remain silent and do not delay any more,
come! come, bring to us the Day once foretold,
make everyone hear Your Majestic Voice;
You are known to be Gracious, My God,
give me a hearing and answer me …..
I give You thanks
for I know that You have heard me;

July 22, 1992