November 23, 1986

(When I showed these messages to one of the priests in the Bangladeshi seminary, I was rejected totally. Discouraged and sad, I went back home.)

peace be with you;

Why is it that the priest was so closed? I thought they would be the first to understand the matters of heaven.

I, Yahweh, am beside you; teach them;

(I was very distressed…)

be in peace! I am beside you all the time; you need not fear… I am Yahweh, it is I who conducts you; do not be distressed; they have not understood; do not let men be the ones to discourage you; 1

dead are the days when blessings were welcomed! 2 era, O era of little faith! I stifle, I suffocate to watch My seed filled with dead words! arise! live! glorify Me! era of little faith, have you closed your hearts forever?

November 25, 1986

I, God, watch; I see how they have closed their hearts towards Me; they know no more the way I work; they do not understand My Signs; I have given them ears, daughter, but they do not use them; I have given them eyes to see, but they turn their eyes in the other direction, searching for Me where I am not; 3

1 Just here God seemed to be speaking alone. He cried out in a loud Voice, a Voice that sounded ever so sad.
2 Then, even louder.
3 « God has given them a sluggish spirit, unseeing eyes and inattentive ears, and they are still like that today » (Rm. 11:8; Is. 29:10).