July 9, 1986

peace be with you;

(I was doubting again.)

have you loved


No, only after the writings.

have you had peace since the beginning of your love for




I am happy.

never have two loves;

I have only one.

flourish, then, others; Daniel, God’s servant;

July 12, 1986

peace be with you; follow Jesus; glorify God; I mean it; go in peace; Dan;

July 13, 1986

peace be with you; Jesus has forgiven you;

Will one day religion fade out?


I do not have much time these days to write.

I understand; feel peaceful; have Jesus as your Peace; you will meet aged author; 2 Dan;

July 16, 1986

O God! have her follow you3 ….

Daniel, were you asking this for me?

yes; peace be with you; lead a good life; have God’s blessings; I love you; love Jesus; Dan

July 17, 1986

peace be with you; glory be to God;

July 18, 1986

(In this day, I was tired, edgy and aggressive.)

peace be with you; have peace… peace… peace… peace… peace… peace be with you; peace be with you; have peace;

(But I went on complaining and complaining, and he was listening patiently.)

I know… have peace… you are tired;… I prayed for you… have you read the Gospels to have peace? I have prayed for you to take the Hand of Jesus; do you feel better?


meditate more; peace be with you… rest my beloved; have your rest… I have now made you feel glad; 4 peace be with you; Dan;

1 I kept silent for a while, trying to figure out what my angel meant by ‘peace’.
2 I did not meet this ‘aged author’ until 1991. The ‘aged author’ my angel was talking about happens to be Fr. Michael O’Carroll, my spiritual counsellor, author of several encyclopedias, books and articles, and my guide.
3 This prayer came from my angel and sounded more of a lament than a supplication.
4 My angel did in fact.