December 30, 1986

Lord, You are the same One who called Moses?

I am the same God;

era, O era! little do you know that I, God, shine on every faithful heart; I will always find ways of calling you: « eno o cosmos ekhi afissi to Foss, Egho, o Megas Theos tha vro messon ma ertho ke na fotisso; » 1

January 1, 1987

(Just after midnight.)

I, God, love all of you; augment your love for Me;

(Later on:)

peace be with you; I, God, am here; offer Me your love now and let Me rejoice; I, Yahweh, delight in you;

Lord, did you always pick up someone to be your messenger (like in the Old Testament)? Will you always speak to us?

here is My answer: I, Yahweh Sabaoth, will always find you; for My sake and My sake only have I acted and will act; am I to grieve forever? this way of finding you is one of My ways;

We are in 1987! Some people will not accept it. We have the Holy Bible to study, they would say.

these ecclesiastical messages are a reminder; for in My Heart was a day of mercy, the hour of My saving help is here; after all, am I not Father? am I not the saving of My seeds?

I have my eyes set on each one of you; My gaze never lets anything go by unseen; I want to remind you that My Word is meant to be read; My Word is blessed; I am the Almighty God and am free to step out whenever I please; why, did you think, daughter, that I will make any difference if you are in 1987? your era makes no difference to Me;

listen, for Me a thousand years is yesterday; My door will always remain open… bear in mind, daughter, of My choice, that I will call you again; why, did you believe you are different? or that I never really spoke before as I do now?

I, Yahweh, blessed you all; I have my eyes set on your poverty;

Jesus told us once that a prophet is never accepted in his own homeland. Many will not accept me as Your bearer. Most of Your messengers were treated as fools, or told they were possessed; they were slain.

live in peace, daughter; lean on Me; I, God, will be your Strength; with Me you need not fear; I will help you; love Me always as you do; My Spirit will bring you together again; I love you, daughter, have My blessings;

1 Greek: « Although the world has abandoned the Light, I, God Almighty, will find a means to shine on you. »