Dear Pilgrims,

The Lord’s infinite blessing allows us to gather together during this pilgrimage. 

The human being is created in the image of its Creator.

The Creator in his ultimate image possesses uniqueness and love, God is unique, God is love.   

We can easily prove that we are in the image of the Creator in His uniqueness   by our individuality, each of us is unique.

In the same way, it is easy to demonstrate that man is love:

The word ‘love’ is everywhere.  On television, at the cinema,  in songs,  in  novels…  

But this word has become, unfortunately, in the modernity that drives God from the hearts of men, a word with a commercial purpose.

Each of the speakers has, like me, had to ask themselves how, in 10 minutes, a theme which is central to the divine essence and to the human essence can be expounded?

As I write these lines, in mid-August, I have no trouble imagining that the speakers before me will have taken care to define more or less precisely what love is.

As I was saying,  the word “love” has become a commercial argument. To sell, you have to give the illusion of love. Thus, the world of advertising is clogged up with the staging of this divine bond between human beings, while never has the human being felt so alone.

The origin of the word “religion” comes from the Latin “religare” which means “connect.”  A connection between Man and God, between earth and heaven, a bond, a cord of love albeit vertical. 

And if this link, this cord, could split and unfold horizontally, if this divine bond of love could flow between men, would we not be richer in love for God?

This connection requires an effort, an effort first to build it and then an effort to maintain it, to preserve it, to protect the acquisition of this love and to invigorate it. In a similar manner with God who invites us to confide in Him from heart to heart, in all sincerity, in all honesty, He also invites us to do the same with our fellow human beings.  Sincerity in these bonds gives birth to this love and makes it grow. Divine love is available anywhere and at all times. Listening to His Love in echoes in the human being is the most difficult thing because it requires a connection to the divine part of the other.

Unfortunately, religions are often the opposite. A discourse on love for God and hatred of all those who are different from oneself… The examples are innumerable and perhaps at some point we have all had these feelings of hatred.

Let’s not wait for religions, for the religious… Let us begin individually to believe in the love of the Creator through the love we are able to give to His creation.

Let us be mindful of the immense work of the devil in making this noblest of sentiments a central pivot of falsehood through advertising, marketing, profit…

Let us be mindful of the fact that the Breath of divine love is in us and in each of the human beings with whom we live or whose paths we simply cross.

The gigantic work undertaken by Vassula and True Life in God is undeniably an impulse of the love of the soul in each of us as an additional protection against the world of profit, of money and matter.

May God’s grace fall on all the anonymous people who have gathered us, may grace be poured on Vassula  and may God guard her, protect her and give her the strength to continue this work of love THAT HE  HAS CONFERRED ON HER TO TRANSMIT TO HUMANITY…


Camel Bechikh