January 5th, 2017Paris

In response to popular demand, after taking part in the interfaith show on the Tele Lumiere channel in Lebanon, Vassula was again invited as a guest on the interfaith show on the Télé Lumière channel, this time in Paris.  

Vassula was given this invitation while in Sweden, as she was spending her Christmas holidays there with her family.  Instead of returning back to Rhodes on January 5th, Vassula went straight to Athens, destined for Paris, along with me.

The True Life in God friends in Paris assisted in setting-up the preparations to accommodate this important interview, providing the visitors transportation, hotel accommodations, and hospitality.

On the following day, before the television show began, Vassula was subsequently asked to be interviewed on radio by musician and interdisciplinary researcher Peter Bannister, who considers the authenticity of the Messages to be indisputable. 

Audio interview with Vassula  Peter Bannister

The televised interfaith show that followed was entitled “how to bridge our divisions”, encompassing ten guests.  Apart from Vassula, the show included the following participants: three Muslim imams, a Buddhist monk and four priests from different denominations; namely:  Fr. Nabil Mouannes, Priest of the Maronite Parish in Bordeaux, Bishop Athanasius, Metropolitan of the Coptic Orthodox Church of All France, Reverend Gavin Ashenden from the Anglican Church, Reverend Nicolas Ayoub from the Evangelical Baptist Church and the interdisciplinary researcher Peter Bannister. Those in attendance who represented non-Christian faiths were namely: Sheikh Mahmoud Dawah, a Muslim Sunnite, Sheikh Ismail Khaliq, and Sheikh Moustfa Khaliq, Muslim Shiites, and Sheikh Mouhammad Felsan, responsible figure at the Islamic Cultural Institute Paris.  Lastly, the group included Buddhist Michel Tao Chan, Director of “Cercle de Réflection des Nations”. The Journalist Lea Adel Maamary coordinated the show and Yola Bechara translated. The show was conducted in two languages, Arabic and French.


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