This is a title
(Select button center, bold, font 28px)

This is a first line with Jesus’ sentence: “Let them repent before Me with these words”. (Select just the sentence and use format “GodFormat“)

This is the text prayer
each line has to be separated from the other one with a Shift-Return character.
The editor has to be notified. Select these 4 lines and user format “GodFormat“.

And now a remark of Vassula as inline sentence: “Hello, my name is Vassula”. (Select just the sentence and use Format “VassulaFormat“).

This a whole paragraph of Vassula:

People do not know how to totally repudiate Satan in their prayers, who is controlling them, blinding them and giving them a lot of suffering, either through illness or by making them captives. Jesus also says that a lot of people worship false gods (idols). This prayer will be very effective if prayed with the heart and sincerity. Select these lines and use format “VassulaFormat“.

When we want to remove the formatting just select the text and click on menu “Format” and then “Clear formatting“.

That’s all.