August 29, 1987

Vassula, I have showered upon you discernments and learnings; you have been taught by Me; I have given you My Bread from My storages; I have given you fruit from My garden; I have poured into you My Works to enlighten this world revealing My Face; come, do not forget why I chose you; content yourself with what I give you daughter; I have given you abundantly from the tree of Life to feed others too; lean on Me, depend on Me, would you give Me all you have?

All what I have is Yours, I want to keep nothing for me alone.

everything you have is indeed Mine, but I have given you liberty to choose;

To choose what, Lord?

to choose between evil and good; I have given everyone this freedom of choice;

Then if this is the only thing I have, I choose to stay with You.

let Me bind you closer to Me then let Me guide you where I am sought most;

I love You, Father. May Your will be done.

love Me, child; hear Me, not until I complete My Works will I unchain you to come to Me; I will allow Myself to use you writing down My desires; Love loves you; draw My Sign,

Jesus Christ beloved Son of God and Saviour;